Sougia Taxi to Samaria with Meletis

Samaria Gorge opening 2024 planned for May

The announcement for the opening of Samaria gorge has been announced. Samaria gorge will start accepting visitors from all around the world on May 2024 for this year.

Explore the Wonders of Samaria Gorge with Sougia Taxi Meletis

Samaria Gorge is one of the most breathtaking and well-liked tourist attractions in Crete. One of the most popular summertime destinations in eastern Crete is this Gorge. We are honored to be a part of this transportation network and offer our customers who were visiting this amazing natural wonder a comfortable ride.

Happy travellers – Chania airport minivan taxi transfer

One more trip. More satisfied customers! Chania Airport (CHQ) trip with one of our minivan taxi

Greece is scheduled to open for tourism on 14th of May 2021

This year of exhausting covid-19 quarantine is coming to an end. Greek Officials and specifically the Greek Minister of Tourism H. Thocharis has made statements for the open of the Greek Tourism, with main moto “All you want is Greece” at 14th of May. Travelers will be allowed in the country with vaccination passports or […]

Sougia Information & Activities

So it is time for that information we promised! If you want to find information and activities around Sougia, keep on reading. For the ones thirsty for exploring and the ones who want to be a bit more active you can take a look below or browse through the rest of our articles and discover about Sougia’s beauty.

Snow in Samaria gorge

A taxi route in winter time to Samaria gorge. For more detailed information for Samaria Gorge or to book your taxi to Omalos, visit our Taxi to Samaria gorge page.

Restaurant Cafes and Bars in Sougia or simply what to do in Sougia

Sougia Taxi Cafes, Restaurants and Bars in Sougia (or simply what to do in Sougia)     Cafeterias in Sougia There are some awesome cafes in Sougia with a luscious garden, hanging hammocks and trees for a good shade. You can enjoy your coffee or a fresh juice, along with ice creams or any breakfast that […]

hotels pensions rooms and other activities in Sougia

Sougia Taxi – Hotels, Pensions, rooms and other points of interest in Sougia Some more information for the prepared traveller, so we can help you make your accomodation to Sougia easier and well planned.If you are travelling from Chania airport to Sougia, make sure to check our offer on our Taxi Chania aiport to Sougia […]

7 Tourist attractions in Chania you shouldnt miss

For those asking that very question of Chania, here are some well known to the locals tourist attractions you could visit in the West side of Crete, the prefecture of Chania.

latest news on Covid-19

You can follow the online risk-assesment map to track the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country and to keep up with the latest safety restrictions by regional unit. This online risk-assesment map is seperated in 3 Zones. Zone A – Orange – Supervised area Zone B – medium risk area Zone Γ – High […]

About Cretan Food – Cuisine – Gastronomy : Gamopilafo

Gamopilafo. Well known to all Crete and to visiting tourists. The word means “wedding rice” and describes a traditional Cretan dish offered as the first dish at awedding feast. The main ingrediens of Gamopilafo is Goats, Lambs or chicken. It is made with a traditional butter “staka” and its full of flavor and aroma. Although […]

The Bridge Of Aradena – Best Point For Bungee Jumping In Crete

Great news for all Chania and Crete Travelers and fans of Bungee jumping worldwide! The Aradena bridge is the highest bridge (138m) in Greece and the second in Europe for all of you would like to have a Bungee – Jumping experience during your stay in Crete. There is a Bungee-Jumping company that offers jumps […]

What are the benefits of prebooking a taxi

When it comes cosindering your holiday plans, one important decision is whether to plan everything, the places to stay, the trasportation you will use and much more. Whilst both options have their advantages and disadvantages, we believe that prebooking your taxi is the best option to save time and money and make up more time […]

Winter in Sougia – Hike to Agia Irini Gorge

Winter is almost here in lovely Sougia. A Photo from one of our clients earlier today at Sougia area and more specifically on a trail from Agia Irini to Sougia. Winter is great time to go out and get some amazing images. One of the best things about winter in Sougia is its Cretan nature. […]

Samaria gorge is officially open – Summer 2020

The Samaria Gorge has opened officially on 27 of June 2020 at 7pm and it is already receiving a lot of people who love the nature and trekking.

Post covid Chania port Souda operations

Ship Routes have returned to normal operation from the Souda port in Chania, on Summer of 2020 after the Covid-19 breakout.  Chania is considered to be a safe location, but you still need to wear masks while travelling with a ship or a plane. Souda is the most protected naturally made harbour in Easter Mediterranean […]

Ancient Lissos and the Ai Kirkos Fare

Ancient Lissos Beginning from The village of Sougia, you can either walk or take a boat to the ancient city of Lissos. The trekking is roughly 1 hour long. Lissos was an independent and powerfull city of Yrtakina and Elyros that bloomed during the byzantine perion at 9th Century Bc. It was a commercial center […]

Chania – Venetian ports, beaches and tsikoudia

The Old Town of Chania stands out as a postcard with its narrow streets and impressive bougainvilleas, the picturesque shops with folk art items and of course the Venetian port, the Venetian youth and the lighthouse – a trademark of the port. A guest post by Debbie Hiotopoulou ( Chania, in the western part of […]

Main Tourist Attractions in Chania

Explore Chania The city of Chania is located the north-west coast of Crete. Its a centerpiece for cruise ships and usually has a vivid nightlife from the locals and the tourists on the Summer months. There are numerous small streets, setting out like a labyrinth in the old town of Chania, that is located inside […]

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