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Cafes, Restaurants and Bars in Sougia

(or simply what to do in Sougia)



Cafeterias in Sougia

There are some awesome cafes in Sougia with a luscious garden, hanging hammocks and trees for a good shade. You can enjoy your coffee or a fresh juice, along with ice creams or any breakfast that you might want. You will come to meet the laid back atmosphere of Sougia with people just hanging and enjoying their coffee, or stopping for a refrsehment in between their day at the beach. Most cafeterias also have the traditional Raki or rakomelo from producers of the area and you canalways find some sort of the traditional greek meze to make your day even better.


Restaurants in Sougia

You will find a place for every palate in Sougia. There are family taverns that have most of the traditional food, along with some specials for the day. Always do make sure that you ask what is the days special. You will find more refined restaurants that keep an eye on the food culture with modern and european cuisines as well.  Everything is cooked with fresh material, many times from their back garden with excellent quality and at good prices. Of course when it comes to food, you can find a vast variety of puff pastry, cheese pies, pizza and other small snacks that you can take on your way to Sougia beach. Usually you will spot one on a central place or know it from the people that are queueing outside. Said that,  you can also find many restaurants that are next to Sougia beach and next to the sand, to enjoy a wonderfull sunset ir drink some extra wine with your friends.


Bars in Sougia

When it comes to night life in Sougia, things are a bit quiet. There is a selection of some bars, on the beach road or on the main street of Sougia coming down to the beach.  You will meet the relaxed way of enjoying rather the more traditional dancing venues that you can find on bigger cities, as Chania. Never the less you might discover a new coctail or yet again sit in one of the cafeterias and enjoy your drink on a romantic full moon night. As Sougia is also quite spiritual, you might be lucky and meet some Yoga conference or the widely known locally and abroad “Other wind festival in Sougia“, that takes place usually on August. You can find more information about the other wind festival in Sougia on their facebook website. The festival usually hosts both well known Greek singers and singer from abroad.

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