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Chania City

Chania (In Greek: Χανιά and also spelled Haniá)

is the second largest city of Crete and it is located on the northwest part of the island 135 km away from Heraklion. It was the former capital of Crete from 1847 until 1972.

Chania in the ancient years when the Minoan empire flourished, was a Minoan settlement called Kydonia. The city has a long history and many influences along the years. It appears that it have been inhabited since the Neolithic Era and it has played a major role in many instances until today. One of them being in the WWII. You can find more information about the history of  Chania on wikipedia.

City center Chania is divided into two sections, the Old Town and the new (Nea Chora, meaning New Town). These days the population is divided in the city center and several smaller villages that have now become almost as one.

The Old Town of Chania was built around the Venetian harbor and it has a fairly integral architecture through today. Different Venetian buildings and later Turkish elements make up a unique architectural style. It is a very popular holiday destination with all the small roads like a labyrinth in the old city, the great sightseeing and several hidden beaches.


Access to the city of Chania

The Chania airport (CHQ)  was named after Ioanni Daskalogianni. A great rebel from sfakia against the Ottoman rule in the 18th century. It is located on the “akrotiri” peninsula northeast of Chania 14 km away from the city. Chania port has daily ferry trips to and from Peireaus Port. You can always book your taxi to Sougia with us for your safe trasportation. Check out our offer on Taxi Chania airport to Sougia.


Chania has many places to go for sightseeing and you can find a usefull guide at tripadvisor (Chania ten top sightseeing places)

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    You can also print a map provided by the tourist organisation of Greece on the following link. (Crete Map), or get a map of Chania. (Chania city map)

    Useful Telephones for Chania

    Common Telephone Numbers and links for Chania offered by Sougia Taxi Meletis



    Tourist Police*


    Fire Department


    Fire Department for forest fire’s


    Chania bus station website

    Chania ktel

    28210 93052 

    Chania ktel bus timetable

    28210 93052 

    The Tourist police provides all kind of information and instructions that might be needed in the following languages; Greek, English, French and German, so as to deal directly with any arising problem.


    Civil Protection 28213 40130-1
    Municipal Police 28213 41650-1
    Chania Police Department 28210 28744
    Chania Tourist Police 28210 25931

    Health Services

    Chania General Hospital St. George 28210 22000
    28213 42000
    Marine Hospital 28210 82538

    Consular Authorities

    Consulate of Austria-Heraklio 2810 223379
    Consulate of Germany 28210 68876
    Consulate of Denmark 28210 57330
    Consulate of Italy 28210 27315
    Consulate of Great Britain-Heraklio 2810 224012
    Consulate of Norway 28210 57330
    Consulate of Holland-Heraklio 2810 346202
    Consulate of Sweden 28210 57330
    Consulate of Ukraine-Rethymno 28310 36116
    Consulate of France 6944444757
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