Sougia taxi to Omalos, Samaria gorge. The white mountains National park.

Also known as Xyloskalo (wooden Stairs)

The Samaria Gorge has opened officially on 27 of June 2020 at 7pm and it is already receiving a lot of people who love the nature and trekking. Day by day we have more happy customers and Serve people with our taxi and minivan on the afternoon return of the ferry or even for a fresh start from Sougia. (Its a secret! Dont tell! But the best time to go and the easiest for the sun is not too early in the day.)

The ferry comes back around 18.30 and we will be waiting for you with your name on a board. So remember its crucial to have your name! Here are some photos that one of our customers gave us from the way back from Agia Roumeli and the Samaria gorge.


More Ways to get to Samaria gorge, Omalos Plateau

You can go to Omalos gorge with a car that you might have rented for your vacation on Sougia relaxing atmosphere. If thats the case, we can take you back up to the top of Omalos with our taxi.

If you want to book a taxi from Sougia to Omalos or read some more information on the Samaria gorge you can visit our Omalos information page. Our polite and native speaker staff of Sougia Taxi Meletis will serve you right away. You can alternatively give us a call on the phone or viber, send us an sms, or email us through our contact form.

Not to forget! The pictures we promised 😉

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