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Ancient Lissos

Beginning from The village of Sougia, you can either walk or take a boat to the ancient city of Lissos. The trekking is roughly 1 hour long.

Lissos was an independent and powerfull city of Yrtakina and Elyros that bloomed during the byzantine perion at 9th Century Bc. It was a commercial center and also had its own golden coin. It is mentioned by the ancient Greek geographer Skylakas at his work “Periploys” at 350 b.C.

With extended archelogocial space atound the small port of Saint Kirkos with several ceramic artifacts found from the Classical Greek, Roman and Byzantine Era, as well monuments like the small Theatre, the baths and the Temple of Asklipion with a beautiful floor mosaic and more.

The ancient beach was about 7 meters higher than today’s level of the sea. That happened after the collision of the Aegean and african lithospairic plate colision, west Crete was raised and the east sunk. On the west side of ancient Lissos you can find the old necropolis/cemetary with arched buildings that are preserved very well.

The protecting God of the city was Goddess Artemis or “Dyktina” according to ancient Cretans. Site diggings on 1957 brought to light ancient Statues of Aklkipios, of Ygeia and of Pluto on natural sizes. Along with those, the emblem of medicine, a golden snake was found with the word “AOKIAO” (meaning Asklipios).

Every year there is a Festival that takes place on that ancient city.  On the name Day of Saint Kirkos (St. Kirikos) every year a lot of people gather and volunteer for the music and the food preperations, to organise this small fare. On those two days the church on the place also has a ceremony. The fare is seeing many visitors every year that comes from Sougia, the surrounding villages and Chania.

You can book a ride with our taxi to Sougia and have the opportunity to see this beautiful festival.

The small beach is with large pebbles and very clean and if you dive a night with a moon, you will be rewarded! (Dont tell anyone, but you can witness some amazing Algae Bioluminescence in the waters!) The boats operate till late night. You can always ask for more information.


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