Sougia taxi Meletis Suggests the following trails around Sougia

Sougia is considered to be a hikers starting point, because its very close to many gorges and trails. The E4 trails specifically crosses Sougia’s village.

We have gathered some of our favourite trails in this page so you can explore on your own.

Agia Irini – Sougia Trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Agia Irini gorge to Sougia

Starting point is Agia Irini village (Agia Irini Gorge). The path is easy with a distance of 7.5km and since its with smaller descent than Samaria gorge it is a lot easier on the knee strain. It should be mentioned that it is open all year around and it ends up about 5 km from Sougia. You can book your taxi from Sougia to Agia Irini gorge, or to take you from the exit of Agia Irini to Sougia. Most of the walk is under shade and it is certainly less crowded than Samaria Gorge.


Omalos gorge (Xyloskalo) – Agia Roumeli trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Taxi to Omalos gorge

You can get to Omalos gorge by public transport, private transfer or a Sougia Taxi. If you have a private transfer or decide to get a taxi to Omalos, you can save the first 4km and drop you at the entrance of the Gorge.

The trail starts on the first two km with a zigzaging descent. The descent is pleasant with cypresses, pines and some chestnut trees. The whole trail has drinking water points every 1 or 2 km. The access to Samaria gorge opens at 7.45 and the ferry to Sougia leaves at 17.30. You can check more details about Samaria gorge on our dedicated page or the official Omalos – Samaria National park page.


Omalos gorge – Sougia Trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Omalos Sougia trail - Taxi to Omalos

Starting at Omalos gorge and ending up in Sougia is a trail of 20km. You can find more detailed information about this beautiful trail here. You can book with us your Sougia taxi to omalos.

Sougia – Lissos Trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Sougia Lissos trail

The trails is intermidiate. It involces a 4-5 hours of walking and starting behind Sougia’s harbor on the far right side you end up on ancient Lissos.  You can find more detailed map and information here.


Sougia – Agia Roumeli trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Sougia Agia Roumeli - Taxi to Agia Roumeli

The A4 part that goes to Agia Roumeli from Sougia is one of the most difficult trails in Crete. It takes total of 9-10 hours of walking on difficult terrain in some cases. You should leave before dawn to have more time margin.

On the first part you will not meed many difficulties, excpet some crossroads. When closing in Tripiti some difficults begin. It quite steep and slippery.

Until Sentoni beach, the  route is close to the coast and after that after that you head to Kladou gorge.

After passing the Kladou gorge, we find the beautiful beach of Domata and begin a constant climb that leads to the highest point of the 520 m. Experience is needed here, because a large part is in bad condition. From here we begin the descent towards Aghia Roumeli, first passing through Xeroporta. The route is 20.6 km with a highest elevation of 496m.

-the telephone coverage along the entire stretch is ensured by the tower on the opposite island of Gavdos.
-It is possible to interrupt the itinerary in Tripiti and return to Sougia using an on-call Sougia water taxi service.
– Always be safe doing those trails with professional hikers.


Sougia – Polyfimus cave –  Agios Antonios Church trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Sougia polifimos cave trail

A moderate difficulty trail with highest point of 322 m and a total distance of 13.7 km. You can find more detailed map, photos and information here and some information about Agios Antonios chapel and beach here.


Tripiti – Volakias – Katsaromoura trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Sougia taxi - Tripiti trail

A complete and good tour with wonderfull views that starts from a beach near Sougia, Tripiti.  A long walk but with breath talking views. For an experienced hiker, Samaria gorge might be a bit crowded as happenned in this case, so let us follow this route in more details here.

The start is a tripiti beach, that you choose to go from Sougia or get a Sougia water taxi service. Highest point of elevation s 2.11 km with a total distance of 66.8 km.


Prodromi – Gialiskari trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Sougia taxi - prodromi trail

Take a taxi to Prodromi, walk down to to where the dirt road meets the Paleochora – Lissos – Sougia path (E4) and turn right towards Paleochora. The route takes approximately 4.5 hours at a distance of 8.9km and the highest point at 554 m with a moderate difficulty. More information.

Livadas – Koustogerako trail by Sougia Taxi Meletis

livadas koustogerako trail

In Livadas you go up the asphalt road for a few hundred metres. When the road turns abruptly to the left, you turn right into a path to Koustogerako, marked with red dots. The trail is about 5.5 km with a maximum altitude of 536m and an easy difficulty. On the way back you can take the asphalt road. It is a bit longer but easier.


Koustogerako – Polyphemus cave – Sougia by Sougia Taxi Meletis

Koustogerako - polyphemus cave - sougia trail

Starting at the historical village of Koustogerako, you can follow the path to Polyphemus Cave, about 3,5 km away. After that you can continue your way on the path to Sougia, another 5 km. The difficulty of this trail is easy and its mostly a downhill.

Sougia Taxi Meletis is a hiking friendly taxi. We love nature and can bring you in contact with local tour guides to help discover Sougia.


Sougia taxi Suggests

Check our Destinations around Sougia



Taxi from Chania Airport to sougia

Taxi Chania airport To Sougia

Book your Taxi Chania airport to Sougia with Meletis. Chania airport is located just outside Chania (14km northeast) on a peninsula. Check this page for more information on Chania airport.

Taxi Chania Sougia

Taxi Chania To Sougia

Book your Taxi Chania to Sougia with Meletis. Chania is the second largest city of Crete and 75km away from Sougia. Check this page for more information on Chania.

Taxi Sougia Omalos - Samaria Gorge

Taxi Sougia to Omalos

Book your Taxi Sougia to Omalos with Meletis. Omalos is 38 km North of Sougia and is located on the White Mountains. Today Omalos and Samaria gorge (in particular Xyloskalo as the entrance is called) is the starting point for thousands of visitors of the Samaria Gorge. Check this page for more information on Omalos plateau & Samaria Gorge.

chania omalos sougia taxi

Taxi to Sougia

Book your Taxi to Sougia with Meletis. Sougia is a quiet and peacefull village, full with nature lovers and ideal for all types of holiday goers that want to relax, on the South West part of Crete. You can find Sougia Taxi Meletis in the central part of Sougia village, ready to offer our professional taxi & minivan services to the locals and the visiting tourists. Check our Sougia page for more information.

Check  Taxi to Sougia page

Taxi sougia to agia irini gorge

Taxi Sougia to Agia Irini Gorge

Book your Taxi Sougia to Agia Irini gorge with Meletis. Agia Irini gorge is a smaller gorge at a closer distance to Sougia. Agia Irini exit just 5 km away actually leads to the Sougia village. Agia Irini is a greener gorge with plenty of shade and a good alternative to Omalos – Samaria gorge. Check this page for more information on Agia Irini gorge.

Taxi Sougia Elafonisi beach

Taxi From Sougia to Elafonisi beach

Book your Taxi from Sougia to Elafonisi Beach with Meletis. Elafonisi a beach that was voted on the top 25 of the world on 2014 is located on the west part of Crete. Home to the turtles caretta caretta and  more than 100 rare plants. Check this page for more information on Elafonisi beach.

taxi chania port Sougia

Taxi Chania port to Sougia

Book your Taxi from Chania port to Sougia with Meletis. Souda bay is the port of Chania. It has daily arrivals from the central port of Greece Peireaus.  Check this page for more information on Chania port Souda.

taxi sougia paleochora - panoramic views

Taxi from Sougia to Paleochora

Book your Taxi Sougia to Paleochora with Meletis. Paleochora, also called the Bride of the Libyan Sea is located on a Peninsula west of Sougia and is surrounded by mountains. It would be the closest city to Sougia (32 km away) to get some more night life with its vibrant life.  Check our Paleochora page for more information.

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