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Before commencing your holiday in Chania a common question is “what should i visit“. Especially if one of the following cases are true

  • Travelling with Kids in Chania
  • First time in Chania
  • Adventure trip in Chania

For those asking that very question of Chania, here are some well known to the locals tourist attractions you could visit in the West side of Crete, the prefecture of Chania.

Sougia Taxi suggests

Samaria Gorge

A gorge going down the White Mountains of Crete, Samaria Gorge can provide a good trekking for the adventurous type. It is roughly 18 kilometers  wide and descends about 1250 meters. If you have been to Samaria Gorge before and you have lived this great experience, a good alternative is to take a boat from Sougia to Agia Roumeli and ascend the gorge.

As mentioned before this attractions is rather for the adventurous type and it might take even up to 7 hours to complete. You can visit our page for the Samaria gorge to find out more information on opening months an better preperation in general.

Is Samaria gorge for kids?

Well, of course it depends on the kid. Mentioning that I have seen many kids of 8-9 years old and older getting through with ease.

What can i do after i finish the gorge?

Depending on the time that you finish the gorge, usually its a bit earlier than 5pm, about the time that the ferry is coming to take you back to Sfakia, Sougia or Paleochora. In that spare time, you can find many restaurants in Agia Roumeli and some crystal clear waters for a dive.

Is Samaria Gorge worth it?

Samaria Gorge is definately worth it. The views of the landscape is simply amazing and breath-taking. If you love nature you will certainly love this gorge as well. If its too long for you you can always try Agia Eirini gorge, that is a bit closer to Sougia.


One of the main villages of South Crete is Sougia.  Sougia is  known for its simplicity and easy living.  Sougia is the main starting point for many smaller gorges in the area and its preffered by tourists for its crystal clear waters and many hidden beaches, reachable only by boat taxi. On this link you can book your taxi to sougia.

Lake Kournas

The largest freshwater lake in the island of Crete, located between Chania and Rethymno gives you the opportunity for a perfect day trip and some relaxing on the cafeterias and Taverna that are around it. You can also find several spots that have pedal boats and you can go exploring and spot the large Koi fish and the turtoise that are in the lake. You can even try  a dip in the lake, especially if you go with a pedaling boat or a kayak on the opposite side where the water is bit clearer or deeper.

If you are a keen bird watcher, you will be a ble to spot some cormorants and herons that often visit the place!

Balos Lagoon

Who hasnt heard of the Balos lagoon. If you have been planning your trip in Crete, this is certainly one of the places that you’ve got a pin set. Of course Balos Lagoon is an absolute must see. It is located on the peninsoula of Gramvousa on the North west end of Crete. It has a pink and white sand with crystal clear waters.

You can get there by two different ways. The first and probably easiest is to take a boat from Kissamos or start with a bus or taxi from Chania

The second route would be to take a car through Gramvousa peninsoula. This is a bit more adventurous route, since the route is about 40-60 minutes and includes one descent from the top of the rocky edge.
(Daily excursions take place, either from Chania or Kissamos)

Balos Lagoon is classified as one of Europe’w top 10 beaches by trip Advisor. Be advised that it is swarming by people on a daily basis and would be best visited on the beginning or the end of the summer where you will see it is a bit more quiet.


What is to say about Elafonisi. It is one of the most photographed beaches in Crete, next to the Balos Lagoon. You can get there in many ways. Either with a group and a bus from Chania, or a Taxi from Sougia to Elafonisi. Before elafonisi you can also find another main city of the South, Paleochora. You can check our page on Elafonisi for some more information. The flora and fauna of the area is magnificent and you can also visit this wonderful beach to see the turtoise nests and a small museum about them.

Dont worry about the people that are gathering on this huge beach.  If you walk far enough you will still be alone if thats what you are after.

Not to forget, it should be mentioned that this beach is also good for the enthusiasts of the wind sports (kite surfing and wind surfing).

Agia Eirini Gorge

A smaller gorge than the one Of Samaria. But still a very good alternative for an old timer or for the one who wants something smaller or even more to be under the tree shades. Agia Eirini Gorge is a greener gorge with smaller distance to walk and it is preferred by a lot of visiting tourists.


The city of Chania is a must see on everyones list, while visiting Crete. It offers almost everything one would want. Romantic scenery, the Venetian harbour,  mountain views, photograph opportunities and many more. You can find many places to eat and plenty of craft shops to get some souvenits.  We try to give some more information on our page for Chania or on this article about Chania, Venetian ports, beaches and Tsikoudia!

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