The Omalos Gorge is one of the most breathtaking and well-liked tourist attractions in Crete. One of the most popular summertime destinations in eastern Crete is this Gorge. We are honored to be a part of this transportation network and offer our customers who were visiting this amazing natural wonder a comfortable ride.

Recently, one of our clients sent us some incredible vacation feedback photos, and we are so excited to share them with you! As you can see from the pictures, our passengers didn’t have to worry about their transportation so they could fully take in the amazing sights and unmatched beauty of the Omalos Gorge.

The Omalos Gorge and the surroundings are our area of expertise at Sougia taxi Meletis. Our skilled and professional drivers are familiar with the best routes and the most picturesque locations for photo opportunities, and we are pleased to share these insights with our guests.

The fact that we can handle large parties with our taxi car and our fleet of minivans is one of the key benefits of choosing our taxi service for your journey to the Omalos Gorge. We can transport up to 9 passengers at once in each of our roomy, luxurious minivans. This makes our service the ideal option for large groups, families, and friends organizing a trip to Omalos Gorge

We appreciate the positive comments and pictures that our friends have shared with us. We are committed to giving every one of our customers the greatest experience possible, and we are eager to help you with your transportation requirements on the stunning island of Crete.

We appreciate you picking Sougia Taxi Meletis to transport you to Omalos Gorge. We are here to make your trip as easy-going and delightful as we can. Please get in touch with us right away to schedule your trip or to request additional information.

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