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Elafonisi (In Greek: Ελαφονήσι)

was voted to be one of  the top 25 beaches in the world on 2014 by Tripadvisor. Since then millions of people have visited its turquoise shallow waters and pink soft sand. It is a common destination for wind and kite surfers, due to its strong winds. There are two versions for the source of the name. The first one is believed to be from the word “elafi” (The Greek word for Deer). Venetian maps refer the islands as Fontestino di Lafonisi or Skolio Lafonisi, but deers do not live on Crete.

The second version comes from a belief that Elafonisi was a hideout for pirates and the place where they were hiding their treasures (In Greek “Λάφυρα”) So it is believed from some locals that the proper name is Lafonisi, coming from the word “Λάφυρα” that means treasure and “Νησί” that is the island.

Elafonisi is actually an island that separates from the coast of Crete by a not so deep lagoon with warm water and a sandbar. It can do to about 1 meter deep during high tide.

It is a home to more than 100 rare plants, some of them appearing only there.  Some of them are the summer flowering sea daffodils  (Pancratium maritimum) and a rare winter-flowering bulb Androcymbium rechingeri.

Elafonisi is also the home and shelter for the rare loggerhead sea turtles (also known as Caretta caretta). You might even spot some marked nests in the sand.  The rocky landscape formed from wind and water and the dunes from soft sand will simply amaze you.

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    You can find a detailed visitors guide from a good friend and excellent tour guide on the following link. Elafonisi a visitors guide

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