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Sougia Taxi – Hotels, Pensions, rooms and other points of interest in Sougia

Some more information for the prepared traveller, so we can help you make your accomodation to Sougia easier and well planned.If you are travelling from Chania airport to Sougia, make sure to check our offer on our Taxi Chania aiport to Sougia route.

Sougia Taxi Meletis suggests accomodation

Sougia has a range of  Hotels, small and large, rooms to let or pesions. Next to the beach or next to the mountain to make your choice. That doesnt change the fact that all hotels in Sougia will wait for you for a perfect and relaxing experience. You will most probably come to meet and become friends with the hosts. Sit in the same table for a small meze and some local wine. A known hospitality that can be seen and offered to all the visitors of Sougia.

Sougia Hotels are open every year about April till the end of October or mid November. It would be wise to make a prebooking with a hotel of your choice, just to be certain and be worry free.


Sougia Taxi Meletis List of Reminders ( Atm, Heathcare or Gas)

What should you know before you visit Sougia.  Since 2017 you can also find a Euronet ATM in Sougia. The ATM operates from April to end of October, although you should note that there is a significant charge from Euronet company. So note down, that it is better to have some cash beforehand from a bank branch ATM somewhere in Chania or Chania airport for your transfers, hotel or small change, although most places (Coffeeshops and Restaurant of Sougia) can accept Cards. So keep in mind there is no Bank branch in Sougia, so you will have to refrain to the Sougia’s ATM in case you need some extra cash.

Attention to Sougia Travelers! Sougia does not have a gas station. The closest one is locate at the entrance of the village of Agia Irini. That is roughly a 18km drive from Sougia. Yet again you can always mix  work and fun and make a small day trip to Paleochora or Kantanos to fill up your gas tank and return to Sougia.

In addition the lack of farmacy is something that you should know beforehand. You would need a transfer to Palaiochora or Kandanos village to find your medicine. So be prepared!

The closest Health Care Center, is at Kandanos village, about 26,4km away from Sougia, or for a more serious medical situation we recommend the Chania General hospital Agios Georgios at mournies. In a case of an emergency you can call Sougia taxi Meletis on the phone, use our contact form or drop us an email at so we can immediately transfer you to a health care, the Chania hospital or a private clinic. Stay safe with Sougia Taxi Meletis.


Sougia Taxi Meletis – Mini market information

Sougia has two small markets. But worry not. They sell everything you might need. You can get your smokes, food, soft drinks or alcohol to ice cream and fruits down to beach equipment. And not to forget you can also get traditional products and your Sougia souvenirs. You will find both of them on Sougia main road that enters the village and comes down to the beach.


Sougia Taxi Meletis suggests History and War museum

On youy way to the main road to the beach, you will find this small museum on your right hand side, opposite of Taverna Rebetiko. It resides on the first floor of a building in the center of the village.

It keeps a unique collection of the history of Selino area and some lovely black and white photographs, artifacts and paintings relating to the Selino Gang and the  battles between the resistance and the Germans. That is the name of the legendary resistance fighters of the area, that were active on the mountains and gorges around Sougia. In particular Koustoyerako, Moni and Livadas at the time of 1943 and 1944. The name Selino comes from the area of Sougia. It used to be the name of the prefecture before the whole are changed to Chania prefecture.

The museum was founded ar 1983 and is the property of Sougia’s cultural Asocciation.


Sougia Taxi Meletis suggests other points of interest

Around Sougia you will also find a lot of ancient settlements. We thought to refer to some of them here. You will find a great deal more on our page Sougia Taxi Hiking information.


Sougia Taxi Meletis –  Cave of Cyclop Polyphemus

Polyphemus is the one eyed giant (Cyclops) son of Poseidon and Thoosa in the Greek mythology. We meet him on the book of odyssey, where he captured Odysseas and his crew on a cave.  The cave is located on a height of 250 m from the sea level and has two entrances, with a huge rock blocking part of the main entrance. It is said that Odysseas placed it there to stop the cyclops of entering.

It is fairly big with very interesting formations. It is filled with cave marble formations and with one that draws more attention having the shape of a throne.


Sougia Taxi Meletis –  Sougia Pyramid

Near Moni and Rodovani village, not far from Sougia in Chania Province, you can find a small pyramid.It is carved in to soft limestone and it is believed to be linked with the ancient town of Eliros and that it was a tomb in the Roman period. It has a height of 4.6m ouside and 1.4m from the inside.

You will find it at an altitude of 290m at about 20km from Sougia 


Sougia Taxi Meletis –  Ancient Lissos

Here you can find more information on Lissos  & its Fare on mid Summer.

Sougia Taxi Meletis –  Ancient Elyros

Elyros was an ancient city, just 9km from the village of Sougia. It is believed to have flourished in the Greek Classical Period (About 350 BC). It was an important city in South West Crete and had two harbours, Syia and Lissos.  Elyros is also believed that was important at Roman times, due to the fact than a Roman Statue of the philosopher Elyros was discovered here and is now located on the arhcaelogical Museum of Chania. The first one who helped with the city’s identification was Robert Pashley during his travel in Crete on 1830. (According to Wikipedia, Parshley was one of the first researchers of Cretan culture and discovered the city of Elyros, relying solely on ancient literature.)

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Hopefully you got a first taste for your visit in Sougia. If you want to get a taxi to Sougia for your vacation or a hiking excursion you can call Sougia taxi Meletis on the phone, use our contact form or drop us an email at Our well trained stuff will be more than happy to be of service to comfortably and safely transfer you with our taxi to Sougia. Stay safe with Sougia Taxi Meletis.

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