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The price for the taxi from Chania to Omalos (Samaria Gorge) or the Taxi from Sougia to Omalos (Samaria Gorge) is per vehicle and not per person. Our Taxi in Sougia can carry up to 4 passengers per vehicle and our Sougia Taxi Minivan can carry up to 8 people for a small day trip.

Our vehicles for the taxi from Chania to Omalos (Samaria Gorge) or the Taxi from Sougia to Omalos (Samaria Gorge) are a comfortable and luxurious Volkswagen Touran with large space for your suitcases and our minivan is a brand new Peugeot traveller minivan.

Omalos – Samaria Gorge Top entrance (or Xyloskalo) – Sougia Taxi Meletis

Samaria Gorge – Omalos (In Greek: Φαράγγι Σαμαριάς – Ομαλός).

The Samaria Gorge, is said to be Europe’s longest gorge and the second most visited attraction in Crete. It accepts thousands of visitors each year and runs from 1st of May until 31st of October. Samaria gorge opening dates sometime differ depending on the weather conditions.

Samaria Gorge 2020 Opening Dates.

The gorge was created by a small river running between the White Mountains and Mountain Volakias. It is now considered to be a national park due to the rare fauna and flora that have survived in this area.

You can also find yourself a Samaria gorge tour by getting a specialized tour guide for yourself or a group. If you want we can always suggest one. You can also check our page on Taxi for hiking for the most known hiking routes and gorges near Sougia.

Omalos – Sougia Taxi Meletis

(or Xyloskalo) is the top entrance of Samaria gorge. We are saying top entrance, because there are a lot of people that decide to walk up the Gorge and have Agia Roumeli as a starting point. On its top Xyloskalo (meaning wooden stair) at an altitude of 1230m it is so steep that in the past they had used wooden stairs to climb in and out of it. After 16km and roughly 4-8 hours of descent you exit the gorge at Agia Roumeli at sea level. From there you can take a ferry to Sougia or Chora Sfakia, or you can easily stay over night and enjoy the beauty of the place after the crowd leaves.

Samaria gorge hike difficulty is a question that is often asked by a lot of people. Take into consideration that you must be fit to descent the gorge. Only the first few kilometers are a bit more difficult dew to the steepness of the descent. Although you can take your own pace to walk through Samaria gorge, if you are looking for an easier gorge, you can instead take a taxi to Agia Irini gorge. Agia irini gorge as you can read on our page is easier and mostly on a shaded pathway.

Access to the gorge of Samaria – Omalos

Even though there is a bus from Sougia to omalos and a bus from omalos to chania or Sougia, it leaves very early in the morning or it is not very often. We however are willing and able to offer a restful taxi to Omalos (Xyloskalo) by our Taxi or minivan services.

What will the Weather be like on Samaria Gorge?

You can check for the weather online through a weather station. Be aware that the station is located somewhere in the middle of the route so it might be a bit colder on the top of the gorge. Weather on Samaria gorge.

Samaria Gorge Trail Map

omalos samaria gorge trail info

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    Taxi and minivan Omalos Gorge


    Taxi and minivan Omalos Gorge


    Taxi and minivan Omalos Gorge

    You can also print a map provided by the tourist organisation of Greece on the following link. (Crete Map).

    Here you can find a detailed map of samaria gorge and the samaria gorge leaflet. You can also find more information on the official Samaria Gorge Website.

    Useful Telephones for Omalos Samaria Gorge

    Common Telephone Numbers for Omalos – Samaria gorge, Crete offered by Sougia Taxi Meletis



    Tourist Police*


    Fire Department


    Fire Department for forest fire’s



    The Tourist police provides all kind of information and instructions that might be needed in the following languages; Greek, English, French and German, so as to deal directly with any arising problem.

    Samaria & Omalos gorge Contact Phone Numbers

    Chania Agency 28210 95511
    28210 95530
    Agia Roumeli Agency 28250 91251
    Forest Outpost at Xiloskalo 28237 70046
    Forest Outpost at Agia Roumeli 28250 91254
    Samaria National Park Management offices 28210 45570
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