Sougia Taxi and minivan
What are the benefits of prebooking a taxi

When it comes cosindering your holiday plans, one important decision is whether to plan everything, the places to stay, the trasportation you will use and much more. Whilst both options have their advantages, we believe that prebooking your taxi is t [...]

Sougia Taxi - Agia Irini Gorge
Winter in Sougia – Hike to Agia Irini Gorge

Winter is almost here in lovely Sougia . A Photo from one of our clients earlier today at Sougia area and more specifically on a trail from Agia Irini to Therissos . Winter is great time to go out and get some amazing images. One of the best things abou [...]

Omalos river
Samaria gorge is officially open – Summer 2020

Sougia taxi to Omalos, Samaria gorge. The white mountains National park. Also known as Xyloskalo (wooden Stairs) The Samaria Gorge has opened officially on 27 of June 2020 at 7pm and it is already receiving a lot of people who love the nature and trekk [...]

Sougia minivan in Chania port
Post covid Chania port Souda operations

Ship Routes have returned to normal operation from the Souda port in Chania , on Summer of 2020 after the Covid-19 breakout.  Chania is considered to be a safe location, but you still need to wear masks while travelling with a ship or a plane. Souda is [...]

ancient lissos view from top
Ancient Lissos and the Ai Kirkos Fare

Ancient Lissos Beginning from The village of Sougia , you can either walk or take a boat to the ancient city of Lissos. The trekking is roughly 1 hour long. Lissos was an independent and powerfull city of Yrtakina and Elyros that bloomed during the byza [...]

kioutsouk hasan - chania
Chania – Venetian ports, beaches and tsikoudia

The Old Town of Chania stands out as a postcard with its narrow streets and impressive bougainvilleas, the picturesque shops with folk art items and of course the Venetian port, the Venetian youth and the lighthouse – a trademark of the port. A [...]

chania lightouse view
Main Tourist Attractions in Chania

Explore Chania The city of Chania is located the north-west coast of Crete. Its a centerpiece for cruise ships and usually has a vivid nightlife from the locals and the tourists on the Summer months. There are numerous small streets, setting out like [...]

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