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Here at Sougia taxi Meletis, we think Family first. We are a family business, as Meletis Nempavlakis and his son are among our drivers. Having more than enough years behind the drivers seat of a taxi and knowing all the roads around Sougia, we are in place to offer professionalism and safety for you and your family. Being a parent ourselves, we know its crucial to have a good knowledge of the roads and having high awareness to safely travel with kids, or even using the child seats in the correct way and for the correct age.

Sougia – a “family-friendly destination!” But did you know that some Sougia Taxi transfers are more family-friendly than others! You dont want to be caught out of Chania airport without the right age-specific child seats.

One call, a quick sms or by simply completing our contact form, our Sougia Taxi will be there waiting for you on your hotel, the Chania airport or any other place, ready to take you wherever you want to go. Sougia & Minivan Taxi Meletis has made trasportation with your family easier and safer.

Visitors numbers continue to rise every year. In June, July and August 2019 over 3.5 million tourists landed on the island of Crete. Quite a large percentage of this numbers would be families with young children of all ages. It is crucial to ensure that all your travelling arangements during a holiday stay will be hassle free.

Sougia Taxi Meletis is able to suggest family friendly hotels in Sougia according to your needs. As a company that is licenced to rent cars for tours around Sougia, we can offer families with small children, even more competitive prices. So dont be hesitant and anxious if you have a family with young children. As a family friendly Sougia Taxi, we are here for your concerns and questions, so you can enjoy your family vacation in Sougia carefree.

Sougia Taxi Meletis has the right child seat for each individual age

Sougia Taxi – Children Booster seat in taxi

  • Minimum weight and height required around 15-30 kg. Usually for kids age between 4-8 years old.
  • Maximum wight of child 36 kg.
  • Booster seats can be secured in place using latch, but the child is buckled in place using the taxi’s shoulder and lap belts.
  • Not compatible with strollers
  • Can only be used forward-facing


Sougia Taxi – Toddler seat in taxi

  • Can only be used forward facing
  • Minimum height and weight reuirement of 9kg
  • Maximum height and weight requirement of 18kg
  • Proper ages 1 to 4 years old
  • Depending on the childs growth, older kids might be able to use this seat as well.
  • Not compatible with strollers.


Sougia Taxi – Infant seat in taxi

  • Can be used rear facing
  • It features a smaller seat to craddle newborns
  • Can accomodate children from 1kg to about 10kg
  • Proper ages 0 to 1 years old


Please make sure you inform us, with the confirmation of your Taxi to Sougia, the number of children and seats that will be needed. Sougia taxi Meletis is the perfect solution for you and your family.


At Sougia Taxi Meletis our family friendly taxis are available 24/7, covering all the times you might need us. Whether you have an emergency or just need a safe and reliable service we are here to take you and your family where you need to be. Of course we are here to offer a safe and secure transportation service for you and your family or group of friends to any destination we serve.

If you want to get a taxi to Sougia for your vacation or a small excursion you can call Sougia taxi Meletis on the phone, use our contact form or drop us an email at Our well trained stuff will be more than happy to be of service to comfortably and safely transfer you and your pet to your destination. Stay safe with Sougia Taxi Meletis.

Licenced disabled Sougia Taxi

Licenced Disabled Sougia Taxi

We can offer a licenced disabled taxi in case you need one. In addition we can provide help for elderly people. To ensure your safety our drivers are trained and vetted.

Health care - Emergency Sougia Taxi

Health care – Emergency Taxi

We can offer your quick and safe transfer to the closest health center near Sougia, a transportation to the Chania general Hospital or even a Private Clinic in Chania.

Sougia water taxi

Water Taxi information in Sougia area

We can recommend a taxi boat in the area of Sougia, so you can have a safe and quick way to all the hidden beaches around Sougia and a quick way to go to the main cities of South Crete.

Pet friendly Sougia Taxi

Pet Friendly Sougia Taxi

When it comes to holidays, Do take your pet with you. Here at Sougia taxi Meletis we love pets and welcome them on our Taxi cars.

Group or Family Sougia Taxi

Family & Group Friendly Taxi

You are a large family or a group of friends? This is no problem, when it comes to the service with Sougia Taxi Meletis. We have all the means to transfer a large group of people, even with more than one car when its needed.

Sougia taxi - trails around sougia

Sougia Taxi for the adventurous type

With hours of driving in the area, we do know all the trails and hiking paths that you might want to know. We can even arrange a tour guide for a personal and unique experience!

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Airport Pickup
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Always on Time
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30+ Years of Experience
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Baby seats available
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Safety Guaranteed
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