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Samaria Gorge opening 2024 planned for May

The announcement for the opening of Samaria gorge has been announced. Samaria gorge will start accepting visitors from all around the world on May 2024 for this year. If you want to book your transfer for Samaria Gorge , give us a call 🙂 [...]

Sougia Taxi Meletis
Greece is scheduled to open for tourism on 14th of May 2021

This year of exhausting covid-19 quarantine is coming to an end. Greek Officials and specifically the Greek Minister of Tourism H. Thocharis has made statements for the open of the Greek Tourism, with main moto “All you want is Greece” at [...]

taxi minivan to omalos with snow
Snow in Samaria gorge

A taxi route in winter time to Samaria gorge . For more detailed information for Samaria Gorge or to book your taxi to Omalos , visit our Taxi to Samaria gorge page . [...]

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hotels pensions rooms and other activities in Sougia

Sougia Taxi – Hotels, Pensions, rooms and other points of interest in Sougia Some more information for the prepared traveller, so we can help you make your accomodation to Sougia easier and well planned.If you are travelling from Chania airport [...]

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7 Tourist attractions in Chania you shouldnt miss

Before commencing your holiday in Chania a common question is “ what should i visit “. Especially if one of the following cases are true Travelling with Kids in Chania First time in Chania Adventure trip in Chania For those asking that very que [...]

latest news on Covid-19

You can follow the online risk-assesment map to track the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country and to keep up with the latest safety restrictions by regional unit. This online risk-assesment map is seperated in 3 Zones. Zone A – Orange [...]

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